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Cataract Removal (No Needle, No Stitch)
Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange

This surgery, also called phaco-emulsification, resores vision to patients whose vision has been seriously impaired by cataracts. The procedure is done on an outpatient basis, and most patients are in and out of the surgery center in a few hours.

1. Preparation
After the eye is numbed, and the surrounding area is cleaned, a small incision is made in the cornea. Because there are no blood vessels in the cornea, there is usually little or no bleeding. An opening is made in the lens capsule to allow access to the lens.

2. Breaking Up the Lens
An ultrasonic probe is inserted into the incision. It vibrates at high speed, breaking the cloudy lens into tiny pieces.

3. Removing the Lens
The pieces of the lens are removed by suction through the probe`s hollow tip.

4. New Lens Inserted
Using an injector device, a flexible synthetic lens is inserted. As the lens unfolds, it is positioned inside the same capusle that held the eye`s natural lens in place.

End of Procedure
The injector is removed, and the incision seals shut without stitches. The absence of stitches helps the eye to heal quickly and properly. Most patients are back to their normal activities the day after surgery.

After Care
Eyedrops are used for several weeks to reduce inflammation and to reduce the possibility of infection. Followup visits are necessary to ensure proper healing.